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Have you ever thought about homeless people and cared for them? Do you know that Millions of homeless people in this world are finding a little bit helps?

Unbelievable? We are here with a tragic truth about them.

In this article, you will know the shocking facts about homelessness. We also guide you how to help homeless people without spending money.

Let’s jump right into:

What is homelessness?

Generally, homeless are those people who do not have any home and hence, they have to live in an open space or under the sky or anywhere in a public place.

They do not have any privacy, hence does not have any family. They are likely to be involved in any criminal act just for a piece of bread.

A Tragic story of Paula:

Paula is homeless, It’s nice to share with what happened with him.

Paula used to work in a multinational company. He had a happy family with his wife and a daughter. One day he had an accident and became disabled hence, unemployed.

He failed to pay the installments of his apartment, so he had to left the apartment. His wife left him, the family is torn apart. At last, he became homeless.

This sudden accident destroyed his life. He thought that it would be better if he had died in that accident. Now he is dying every day.

This is just an example.

There lie different stories for every homeless person. And this type of accident can happen to anyone at any time.

If we can come forward to help one homeless person, a whole family can be saved, so a whole community.

As we are living in the age of capitalism, some people are getting abundantly richer and some are getting inexpressibly poor.

This economic system controlled by the modern banking system is like a musical chair game, making people bankrupt one after another. Homelessness is just one of the consequence of it.

13 Reasons Why People Become Homeless:

There are many reasons for becoming homelessness, Some of them are:

Facts about homelessness

1: Unemployment

2: domestic violence

3: forced eviction

4: gentrification

5: lack of affordable health care

6: lack of Affordable housing

7: Personal or family crisis

8: living with a mental disorder

9: mortgage foreclosure

10: migration

11: natural disaster

12: prison release

13: war etc.

but the mother of all these problems is the interest-based banking system.

5 Shocking facts about homelessness you didn’t know about:

From the study we find some facts about homelessness:

Fact 1: Over half a million people are homeless.

According to HUD, there are over 600,000 homeless people in the United State.

Fact 2: Most people became homeless due to their failure to pay house rent.

According to the NLCHP, The primary cause of homelessness is the lack of affordable housing

Fact 3: Domestic violence is also responsible for homelessness.

According to NLCHP, “more than 90 percent of homeless women are victims of severe physical or sexual abuse, and escaping that abuse is a leading cause of their homelessness”

Fact 4: One-fifth of homeless people suffer from mental illness.

mental illness is the main disease the homeless suffer from. the percentage of that 20 to 25 according to government studies.

Fact 5: Nearly one-quarter of homeless people are children.

There are over 138,000 of the homeless in the United State are children who are under the age of 18 according to HUD’s report.

Why homelessness is a problem?

Housing is one of the basic and fundamental rights of a person. A person who becomes homeless, in most of the times loses his family.

A man without the family can do anything reckless because he does not have to worry about anything, he does not have any responsibility nor does he have to care for anyone.

So when the number of homeless people grows in society, the number of crime rate in the society also grows up. Most of the times, homeless people become rebellious to society and that creates a serious problem.

Homeless people in America:

Homeless people in america

In the US as well as in other European countries, the number of homeless people is increasing gradually.

According to HUD’s July 2010 5th Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, in a single night in January 2010, single point analysis reported to HUD showed there were 649,917 people experiencing homelessness.

This number has increased from January 2009’s 643,067.

10 ways to help homeless people:

We cannot completely uproot poverty but we can at least make some efforts to minimize this problem.

Here we listed 10 ways to help homeless people without spending money.

1: Give Times:  The worst thing homeless people face is lack of accompanies, So it’s better to give him time instead of money.

2: Show some respect:  The loss of dignity of a person is harder to bear than the loss of physical things. Try to show some respect as possible.

3: Teaching:  Are you trying to help homeless people but you have no money? Don’t worry! teach him what you know. Sometimes it helps him more than money.

4: Seek out job opportunities:  Homeless people will appreciate a job instead of money. Encourage your boss to give a job to homeless people, or create an opportunity in your company.

5: Invite for dinner/launch:  People who are homeless suffer from lack of good foods, You can invite them for dinner or launch so that they can enjoy it.

6: Find shelter:  You can arrange shelter for them by contacting the organizations located near to you.

7: Volunteer:  Join your local homeless shelter to work an evening shift. distribute clothes, serve foods, wash dishes, clean floors, etc.

8: host fund-raising events:  You can simply ask your company, organization, friends, and family to host fund-raising events for homeless people.

9: Help the homeless apply for aid: There are governmental aids available for the homeless people in every country, but most of them don’t know where to find it and how to apply for that. You can inform them about that and help get that.

10: Donate:  Donate something essential for them such as clothes, foods, blankets, coats, and small kitchen items and anything that might be helpful to homeless people.

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